Leandro Bianchi
Leandro Bianchi is an eclectic composer and guitarist who creates a unique identity of emotional atmospheres and different colors, resulting from the combination of everything he experimented with musicians of several ethnicities and styles (jazz, music from India, Africa, Latin America…) with elements of his training in flamenco, classical and modern music.
Restless musician in constant searching, Leandro resides in Spain, where after years of research with the great masters of the flamenco tradition, he manages to apply a refined flamenco technique to the whole of his musical work.
As he says «Music is a horizon with no limits».
COMPLETE BIO: Guitarist and composer musician. He started playing the guitar at the age of seven and trained in composition and classical guitar at the «Juan José Castro National Conservatory» and at the «National University Institute of Argentina (IUNA)» in Buenos Aires, in addition to studying jazz with the masters. «Walter Maolsetti», «Ernesto Snajer» and «Alejandro Moro» and flamenco with «David Amaya» from the renowned Spanish group «La Barbería del Sur». A few years later he decided that his path was with the flamenco guitar and, in order to delve deeper into flamenco, he settled in Madrid, where he studied with the teachers «Entri», «Enrique Vargas», José Jiménez «El Viejin», José Luis Monton and participates in the «Nature and form of flamenco guitar» Course directed by Manolo Sanlúcar, taught by him along with Juan Carlos Romero, Manolo Franco and Paco Serrano. Leandro Bianchi is one of the guitarists in Spain who has managed to merge with musical cultures of different ethnicities and styles such as Spain, Africa, India and Latin America.
He leads the RASA world fusion group, with whom he has played in numerous festivals such as Estival (Cuenca), XIV – Chiclana international ethnic music festival (FIMEC), XXIX international musical week Lillo Cánovas (San Vicente del Raspeig)… He is part of and collaborates in several projects, among them, Raúl Mannola Sextet, La Jose, Bogi Jui “Sounds of the Earth”, Colectivo Estimulo, Sacromonte, Coco Malangao, De mar a mar, from which he has recorded several albums and He has toured throughout Europe and the world (France, Hungary, Germany, Argentina, Romania, Serbia, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Finland, etc.) and with whom he has played at the Exit Festival (Novi Sad – Serbia), Cordoban Guitar Festival (Spain), Percumon, Bürgerfest Ingosltadt Festival, Babel Sound Festival (Hungary), Sepsiszentgyörgy – Múzeumkert (Transylvania – Romania), Aszk Festival (Szeged – Romania). Riomundi, (Córdoba – Spain), Festival Torreón del Cante (Malaga – Spain)…
He shares the stage and recordings with renowned musicians of the national and international scope such as Juan Carlos Aracil (El Bicho), Antonio Lizana, Wafir Gibril and Vincent Molino (Radio Tarifa), Alpargata, Eme Alfonso, Alana Sinkey (Cosmosoul, Patax), Aboubakar Syla, Blanca Paloma…
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